Music Notes - Who Are You?

"Thank God I Do" is a recent hit song by Lauren Dangle. She proclaims she doesn't know who she would be if she didn't know the Lord. Do you know who you are? You may be known in many different ways. Perhaps you are known as a brother or a sister. Perhaps you are known as a cousin. Perhaps you are known as a classmate. You may be a parent and a child, a mentor or an apprentice, or even a leader and a follower all at the same time. Some may think you are an awesome person, while others do not think very highly of you at all. The question is who are you? Do you become a truck driver just because you drive a truck? If you spend most of your time painting, does that make you a painter? Perhaps the best way to truly know who you are and what you are suppose to do is by getting to know the one who made you. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." When we better understand the one who made us, we better understand who we were made to be.

Lauren Daigle - Thank God I Do (Official Music Video)